How-To Video - Purge Soft-deleted mailboxes in O365

Play How-To Video - Purge Soft-deleted mailboxes in O365

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    During a recent migration I had need to clean up a large number of soft deleted mailboxes so I wrote a script to do it automatically. See it here.

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    Hi - Thank you for your detailed description. I was facing a similar problem and with your step-by-step instruction it could be solved. We had the problem, that some user accounts were created in O365 before we started with the AD Sync. These accounts are provided with a mailbox. As soon as you have the AD Sync active for these accounts it is not possible to migrate a mailbox from local to online. It is only possible, when deleting the mailbox. Weak point of this approach is, that also the OneDrive is deleted.

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    Absolute lifesaver. The bit about reconnecting the mailbox to a new user and then being able to delete the other offending mailbox was the winner here. Thanks for this.

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