What’s New in Visual Studio 2013: (02) New Features for Web Developers

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Learn about what's new in Visual Studio 2013 for web developers. Whether it's MVC and ASP.NET, SharePoint, or Azure integration, this module is a must for anyone doing web app development.

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    Susan your blanket statement at @49:40 about CoffeeScript being for inexperienced JavaScript developers undermines your credibility as a web developer. CoffeeScript is actually for JavaScript developers that are so experienced they know the shortcomings and dangers of large scale JavaScript development, and are enlightened enough to use a safer JavaScript generator. Much the same with TypeScript. CoffeeScript is the good parts of JavaScript minus the bad parts.

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    On to this 2nd installment (web dev), and finding many useful items. Working through most of the suggestions with a second PC running VS 2013.

    Was going to install Web Essentials from site; but checked recent reviews posted on that site. Several issues with instability and UI slowing - to the point where people are removing the feature.

    Likely a temporary glitch - but not something those new to VS 2013 want to have to deal with. I bookmarked the site, and will check back later.

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    I don't see the translated to JS window or JS code, when I try the coffescript demo - is that because I have expanded scroll bar map mode, while demo did not? Map mode just shows the non-JS entries I make.

    Not a big issue for me; just curious.

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