What’s New in Visual Studio 2013: (04) What's New for App Developers

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    Watched, took notes and tried using mentioned features in VS, VS Online and Blend, for each of the four sessions.

    I think these quite comprehensive 'What's new in VS' presentations are important - as they make it much easier to utilize the content in other tutorial and introductory series (which often are showing older versions of VS).  If you have VS 2013, you'll see where what was done in another presentation might be made easier, have moved to another option, or is in any case different than as shown.

    I'd recommend this series to anyone using VS 2013 - and as there are free versions of VS and VS Online, that means to pretty much anyone (but especially to those creating Windows 8._ apps).  If nothing else, you might find tool/stack that better suits your preferences and talents.


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