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Channel 9 hosts a lot of useful videos on Windows 10 security for sysadmins. However, since you're probably like us, and don't have time to find them all, we asked our Senior Technical Evangelist, Simon May, to create a curated list. Think of this as your playlist for Windows 10 Security, and just like any favorite playlist, we will continue to update with the latest and greatest.

*NEW* since the video launched:

Security in the Enterprise Series

Azure AD Join in Windows 10 

Simon May's Windows 10 Security Playlist

A new era of threat resistance for the Windows 10 platform

Secure Authentication with Windows Hello

Windows 10: Security Internal

Endpoint Zone Episode 10: Windows 10!

And there's more:

Windows 10: Disrupting the Revolution of Cyber-Threats with Revolutionary Security!

A New Era of Threat Resistance for the Windows 10 Platform

The End Game for Passwords and Credential Theft?

Dropping the Hammer Down on Malware Threats with Windows 10's Device Guard

Next Generation Malware Detection with Windows Defender

Black Belt Security with Windows 10

What's New and Upcoming with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager

Have a video you'd like to see added to the playlist or a topic we haven't covered? Let us know in the comments below. You can also connect directly with Simon May on twitter, @simonster or through his blog.



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    Alexander K. (alexbinred)

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    Anders Eklof

    This "revolutionary security" seems to require that one has an "account" with a password for everything. It is very, very annoying and causes serious operational problems in certain cases. In my case, it prevents me from giving my 11 year old son a Windows 10 computer, because it requires that his "account" is verified my an adult, me. Verification involves Microsoft charging my credit card 50 cents. The verification of the credit card in turn involves providing my address and telephone number associated with the card. The address requires going to a pull-down menu where the different states of the United States are listed. We have moved out of the United States, and my credit card is not associated with any U.S. address! No Go. My son is devastated.

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    Nikhil Jain

    Microsoft security services is extremely good.

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    Sascha Becker

    Thanks. :-)

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    joe sultana

    very good

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