UWP-007 - Understanding XAML Schemas and Namespace Declarations

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The Discussion

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    RC Roeder

    trying to save as uwp06Namespacesxxx.xx vs uwp07Namespacesxxx.xx using save as

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    This is an incorrect video.

    Please change with the correct video.


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    @jsiahaan: I'm not sure what you mean ... this looks to me to be correct.  Can you elaborate? 

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    @BobTabor @jsiahaan: Video is correct just the naming is incorrect as somebody pointed out in the first comment.

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    @BobTabor:ya video was downloaded with the uwp06 name...

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    I know microsoft schema links represent namespaces but apart from being a symbol, there is really no schema behind those links. So they seem to me like magic strings. The app compiles if they're there and complains if they're not.
    Hope we'll see their significance later in this series.

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    I am loving the tutorials, rich in content and they are really informative! Thanks for the amazing tutorials.

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    About 2:35 into this lesson, you mention that the namespace x: is now not included in the code because the default schema is used. However, I'm using a version of Visual Studio Community 2015 that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago and when I created the example you are using, the code generated included the x: namespace for both the button and the textblock.

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    thnx for sharing your knowlege

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    Possibly a stupid question, since XAML looks very similar to XML would it be possible to import a CSS document, for a overview of styling?

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    Hi Bob

    I appreciate a lot your tutorials. I try to learn to tprogramm UWA's.

    Just a comment. there is a little mistake in the enumeration of your videos. The 06 you made twice, the 07 is actually the 8th video and the 08 doesn't exist.

    I took two days to find the error :-) I saved the vvideos on my laptop and I was missing the video number 8 ...

    best regards


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    @tvhong:They are there, as you proved by trying not to use them. As Bob explains in the video, they are not URLs as much as they are URIs, just "indicators" that point to valid URLs. In this case, private URLs.

    Obviously there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with XAML ... one of those things is a way to access private websites ... websites not open to the general public via a web browser.

    As for their purpose, as Bob explains, the schemas are the rules that the compiler uses to change what we type in XAML format to the underlying C# code that is run in the background where we can't see it.

    And yes, it does seem like magic, doesn't it? :)

    - john

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    Thanks for the great video tutorials Bob!

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    Can anyone please help me?

    How to solve the problem that the downloaded code will show me "Can't find Type or namespace 'System' "?

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    I'm having an issue where any example I open, even all those that have been sitting on my drive unused for months, open and say they can't find a file:


    [Failure] Could not find file 'C:\Users\shawn\Desktop\WhatIsXAML\WhatIsXAML\obj\ARM\Debug\App.g.i.cs'.


    I don't understand at all how to fix this, it's incredibly frustrating.  That file isn't there in any sample.  I just installed VS 2015 Community.  

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    @CmdrKeene: If you open Windows File Explorer and go to the location you noted, do you see the file there?

    - john

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    amazing tutor thx!!! :)

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    Good video, Thanks

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    How come x:Class can be called when x itself is defined below that line?

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