UWP-008 - XAML Layout with Grids

Play UWP-008 - XAML Layout with Grids

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    Shon Vivier

    I see you use Camtasia Studio :)

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    the pdf, when will it be available? By the way, big fan of yours tutorials and website. 

    Greetings from Colombia 

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    Hi Bob,

    I notice you use "control" to refer to various objects in the tutorial. May I ask what can be considered a control in XAML? Is every XAML object a control?

    Thank you in advance.

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    @tvhong: In my mind any class that has a visual aspect to it is a control.  I would say that you could use XAML to utilize all controls, but not every XAML element is a control.  For example, in the App.xaml, or even the Page.xaml at the highest level a Page is not a control.  Furthermore, there are things that we'll discuss later regarding animation and such that are expressed in XAML, but are not controls.

    XAML is just a concise way to create instances of classes.  It's not exclusive to user interfaces (for example, Windows Workflow Foundation) utilizes XAML.

    Hope that helps?

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    @BobTabor: Yes, your answer is very helpful. Thank you.

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    Hi bob,

    How to deal with resolution in XAML? Like. in android there is Density-independent pixel (dp).

    Sorry, but i am little bit confused. Is it same like 2*,3* etc. as you explain in tut.

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    broken link

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    Hi, the download link is pointing to video UWP-007 instead of UWP-008. Please fix it. Thanks.

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    @Developer: It is the right video, I think we just did the numbering incorrect.  It corrected itself at video 9. 

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    Finished the C# tutorials and now up to this lesson in the UWP tutorials. Just wanted to say so far so good. I'm a hobbyist, not a coder by profession, and find the tutorials generally easy to understand.

    To learn and retain the info better, I'm generally typing in the code examples following along with your discussion. At first I couldn't get the RowDefinitions example to work. Finally, I looked at your code example and noted that you omitted the Page.Resources code block in the discussion. Also, don't recall you going over Page.Resources block previously.

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    Had some problems trying to test your source with (Nokia phone) Lumia 1020, because the build (10149) wasn't supported. Then googled this:  
    and after minor line altering to *.csproj file, testing with 'Device' worked at last. Pheew... don't know if I want to develope to the mobile but it's good to know with the real phone too, where the page layout code (xaml) is heading [H]

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    I used the default <Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}"> line with Blank App template. Then I changed the theme from App.xaml from light to dark theme just replacing one string:


    Visual Studio 2015 Community then showed numbers in designer also.

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    vibhor gupta

    Hi Bob ! You are doing a great job .. I just want to suggest you that it would be more convenient if we have a next and a previous button on the web page which will make it more easy to navigate . THANKS AGAIN..

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    Sure wish I would have had this series when I first made a pass at XAML years ago.  Thanks, Bob.

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    Many thanks for the clear diction in the lessons. This is very important for a foreigner. I'm happy to watch your lessons and to my surprise understand them. You are a teacher by nature

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    Great tutorial. I have a grid with 4 columns and 4 rows with sample data . I am unable to set headers for this. could some one please let me know the code for grid header in uwp windows10 xaml app.
    public class UserData
    public Int64 ItemNumber { get; set; }
    public string OrderNumber { get; set; }
    public string FacilityCode { get; set; }
    public string MachineName { get; set; }


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    Video fails at 2:09.

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