UWP-023 - Hamburger Heaven Challenge

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You've seen Bob create the elements of a hamburger navigation menu, search panel, back button and more. Now it's your turn! Can you build a heavenly hamburger app?

Lesson source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10/tree/master/UWP-023/UWP-023

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

PDF: https://aka.ms/absBeginnerWin10pdf



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The Discussion

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    I think the example has the wrong character for the search button.
    MDL2 Assets E1A3, I think this the magnifying glass 

    I believe Segoe MDL2 Assets E11A or E094 is the Search icon.
    (a)  sorry.

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    Very good and helpful guide. I really like the cheatcheet because then i don't have to take notes and can instead focus more on just listening. It saves me a lot of time, not having to take notes, which is very appreciated.

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