UWP-037 - Utilizing the VisualStateManager to Create Adaptive Triggers

Play UWP-037 - Utilizing the VisualStateManager to Create Adaptive Triggers

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    @Jockey4her: Blend can be overwhelming for a beginner.  When you are just starting I would stick with Visual Studio.  Blend can create some pretty complex XAML.  You don't need to memorize all the markup, Visual Studio still has IntelliSense.

    But just because someone else doesn't like a tool doesn't mean you can't use it.  Blend is just too big a topic for a beginner series like this.

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    Actually there are a few standards outlined in this "Responsive design 101" article which is part of the design guidelines for UWP apps: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/dn958435.aspx

    You can check out the summary table at the very bottom of that article for the details but they essentially say the apps minimum width should be set to 320. Then the "design breakpoints" are 320, 720 and 1024.

    PS: Thanks for this great introduction series, very good work!

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    Agree with you Scott. It's much easier to understand, and do, using VS.

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