UWP-039 - Adaptive Layout with Device Specific Views

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    It's insulting that you didn't explain the code behind technique and left it to some adaware blogger that you don't even link above, just in the video.  You also didn't say if you have to use those explicit directory names or how to change that.  Or what other kinds of options are available. Its a mess.

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    Hey, Jockey4her, you are such a tool. Please disappear.
    Bob, thank you SO much for the most comprehensive UWP hands-on guide on the Internet as we speak.

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    With the release of Continuum on windows phone 10, it's worth a word of warning that if you specify DeviceFamily-Mobile, this will get used whether your app is running on the phone display, OR through continuum on a desktop like screen; the device family your code is running on stays the same!  Adaptive triggers that take into account the properties of the current screen is a safer way to look at adaptive UI, or at the very least a considered hybrid approach as Bob made reference to.  There are some more recently released materials available on topic like Continuum https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Windows/Developers-Guide-to-Windows-10-Version-1511/Building-Apps-for-Continuum

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