UWP-054 - UWP SoundBoard - Finishing Touches

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    Instead of burying misc code snippets into this badly outlined un tagged video series, why don't you go to MSDN, and take each sample of each type, and list them in their proper searchable location as Windows 10 Universal App code examples.  Much more useful than getting lost in here, or in some codeplex archive tree.

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    Hi Bob,

    about the feature of removing the filter's text, you should look at the args.Reason property (args is a parameter in the _TextChanged method) and act like this:

    if (args.Reason != AutoSuggestionBoxTextChangeReason.ProgrammaticChange) { /*logic*/ }

    In this way, you can write sender.Text = string.Empty; in the _QuerySubmitted method without applying the empty filter.

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    Also, I think it would be better to use the args.ChosenSuggestion value to retrieve the query in the _QuerySubmitted method: this also allows the user to pick his choiche by clicking the suggestion. If he does like this and you filter the sounds by sender.Text you'll filter by whatever is written in the AutoSuggestBox, not by the user's selection.

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    @Jockey4her: Thank you for your feedback, Chris.  :)

    @tommasobertoni: Thank you for the good tips about the AutoSuggestBox.  Much appreciated.

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