UWP-056 - UWP SoundBoard - Submitting to the Windows Store

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In this seventh and final video, Bob submits the finished app to the store. He shows you where to go, how to upload the final package, and generally how easy it is to get your app into the Windows Store. (As you know, the app passes and is currently available!)

Lesson source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10/tree/master/UWP-056/UWP-056

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

PDF: Coming Soon



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The Discussion

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    I would love to see how to implement trial version of the app with some features blocked and unblocked after buying full version. Another example would be having and app with ads and without them after buying a full version. It would be extremely helpful for beginners to see video how to do it.

    Sorry, just realized that part 070 is about this topic :) Thank You.

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    @TomaszS: Yes, #70 allows the user to pay to unlock a feature.  However, a trial version is implemented a bit differently but very close to the same basic procedure.  The URL in the video will take you to Windows Dev Center and the instructions will be in that same area of help.  Good luck!!!

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    @BobTabor:And what about tools for translating app's content to other languages?

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