UWP-061 - UWP Weather - Updating the Tile with Periodic Notifications

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In this fourth video, Bob shows how to update the content of a Live Tile programmatically, then how to schedule future updates with live data by creating a web service built with ASP.NET MVC and Azure Websites.

Lesson source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10/tree/master/UWP-061/UWP-061

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

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The Discussion

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    Andrew Chilcott


    I think the problem that you had with the tile showing Sacshe and the app showing Plano is to do with the fact that you trimmed off the end of the lat and lon

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    @Andrew Chilcott: You're absolutely correct, and I realized that a few minutes after recording the video.  :)  Thank you.

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    Hi Bob,

    thanks for your very good videos.
    I try to combine yor Drag and Drop example with your weather App.
    I try to change the image in the tile.
    I do not get tileNotification activated.
    Could you please take a look at my code:
    StorageFile newFile = await storageFile.CopyAsync(folder, storageFile.Name, NameCollisionOption.GenerateUniqueName);
    var bitmapImage = new BitmapImage();
    bitmapImage.SetSource(await storageFile.OpenAsync(FileAccessMode.Read));
    ImageViwer.Source = bitmapImage;
    PathTextBox.Text = PathTextBox.Text + "\\" + newFile.Name;

    var tileImage = TileUpdateManager.GetTemplateContent(TileTemplateType.TileSquare150x150Image);
    var tileAttributes = tileImage.GetElementsByTagName(PathTextBox.Text);
    var tileNotification = new TileNotification(tileImage);
    // --> it shoud be the Problem <-- tileAttributes[0].AppendChild(tileImage.CreateElement(PathTextBox.Text));

    Thanks a lot
    Could you make a (video) lesson:
    "Who to clean up the harddisk after make all the training projects"

    Thanks ;-)

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    This was the first video in the series that left a lot of unanswered questions.

    A lot of the tile templates use images, but no mention of how to use images/photo gallery in a live tile update.

    Two of the projects in the video use HomeController, but it was never explained how a controller works or the purpose of it.

    Manual and periodic live tile updates were demonstrated, but no mention of how tiles like Hotmail work (since those apps update the tile as emails come in, yet the app is not running).

    You demonstrated how to update the Medium tile, but what if the user pinned it as a Wide or Large tile? Can we figure out what size the pinned tile is in code, or do we need to update push updates for all 4 sizes of tiles?

    It was a good video, just a little to vague in some of these areas.

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