UWP-065 - Album Cover Match Game - Layout, Data Binding and Game Setup

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    Got an error >

    The type or namespace name 'AdMediatorControl' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.AdMediator.Universal' (are you missing an assembly reference?) 

    And do I have to take care of the Songs file?

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    @Hemanzt: I assume that you are running the completed version of this project, correct?  If so, you will need to restore the NuGet packages.  Right-click on the Solution in the Solution Explorer, select "Restore NuGet Packages".

    As far as songs go ... it will look at your own library of songs!  If you don't have any music, I believe you can download the ones I'm using (just copy them into your Music folder in Windows 10).

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    Lou Elston

    It isn't enough to just copy the example music folders to the Music folder on your desktop. After copying, you then need to right click, and select "include in library", select "Music". Else they are never found.

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