UWP-066 - Album Cover Match Game - Employing Game Logic

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In this third video, Bob re-focuses on the game logic, filling in some core missing pieces like music playback and more.

Lesson source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10/tree/master/UWP-066/UWP-066

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

PDF: Coming Soon



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The Discussion

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    Just wondering why to take Random Song from list that is already Random ?!?(u make it random at time of taking 10 from complete list)
    why not just use it- by order using just Songs[_round] ?

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    Because then the game would be really simple. You would click from left to right and get all the answers correct :)

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