UWP-069 - Album Cover Match Game - Monetizing with Ads

Play UWP-069 - Album Cover Match Game - Monetizing with Ads

The Discussion

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    for some reason the "AdmediaControl" come without the ID and Name tag

    It is not displaying ads in my app

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    Lou Elston


    # 3 - In the Ad Mediator (Visual Studio 2015) or Services Manager (Visual Studio 2013) window, click Select ad networks, select the ad networks you want to use, and click OK in the Select ad networks window.

    I am assuming that in order to add the Ad mediator, that you already need to have an account with a ad network. Else, nothing is ever 'fetched', and you cannot work through the examples. This should be mentioned up front.

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    Hi Bob,
    I have developed a uwp application. I have added ads in my app using AdControl. When I used to develop apps for windows 8, I used to add a privacy policy in www.myapppolicy.com for my application (when I used to add ads in win 8 apps). I have seen many tutorials on adding ads in uwp apps but they don't add privacy policy in it and publish their apps. I have heard that, it is necessary to add privacy policy when we add ads in our apps. I want to know, is it necessary to do so? Or I can add ads without adding privacy policy of it and publish my app?

    Thank you!

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