UWP-074 - Hero Explorer - DataBinding and Navigating through the Object Graph

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    Fotios Kocheilas

    Hi. There isn't any link for the high quality version for videos 74 to 79.

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    Same here. No high quality versions for 74-79.

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    WOW, I've downloaded all the videos from UWP-001 to UWP-073 in High Quality MP4, and now I realized that all the remaining videos, except for the very last one, are not available in high resolution. What could've happened? I wonder why there are no High Quality MP4 available for those videos. Thanks.

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    //Hi, Anyone else gets this error message when trying to Debug: 

    An exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in UWP72.exe but was not handled in user code

    WinRT information: value

    Additional information: The parameter is incorrect. 

    //Then goes to this line, after pressing continue:



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