UWP-079 - Hero Explorer - Cortana Integration

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    Hi Bob

    Great lecture , unfortunately I am unable to load ApplicationInsight  assembly reference as there is non, any ideas how to fix this ? try browsing  no good

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    Hi Bob,

    A fantastic series that's helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work - we need much more training content because everything is moving so fast. Maybe an ASP.NET 5 course next?

    By the way, I just ran the HeroExplorer app and your alter-ego popped up: Bob, Agent of Hydra! Not sure about the description though -- "A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded into joining the criminal organisation HYDRA ...".


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    @TechRobo: You shouldn't need that at all.  In Solution Explorer, Right-click in references and remove that reference.


    @graham: Haha!  You have foiled my evil plans and revealed my secret identity!  :)  I take exception to being characterized as "cowardly", however.  :P

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    Olavo Dias

    This series is gold. Bob Tabor, thank you very much for dedicating time to do such wonderful training.

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