UWP-079 - Hero Explorer - Cortana Integration

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In this ninth and final video, Bob adds Cortana integration to allow the user to refresh the list of characters or display details about one of the hero's in the list.

Lesson source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10/tree/master/UWP-079/UWP-079

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

PDF: Coming Soon



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The Discussion

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    Hi Bob

    Great lecture , unfortunately I am unable to load ApplicationInsight  assembly reference as there is non, any ideas how to fix this ? try browsing  no good

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    Hi Bob,

    A fantastic series that's helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work - we need much more training content because everything is moving so fast. Maybe an ASP.NET 5 course next?

    By the way, I just ran the HeroExplorer app and your alter-ego popped up: Bob, Agent of Hydra! Not sure about the description though -- "A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded into joining the criminal organisation HYDRA ...".


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    @TechRobo: You shouldn't need that at all.  In Solution Explorer, Right-click in references and remove that reference.


    @graham: Haha!  You have foiled my evil plans and revealed my secret identity!  :)  I take exception to being characterized as "cowardly", however.  :P

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    Olavo Dias

    This series is gold. Bob Tabor, thank you very much for dedicating time to do such wonderful training.

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