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In this final video of the series, Bob congratulates you and shows you were to go for more information about the Universal Windows Platform.

Lesson source code: none for this lesson

Full series source code: https://github.com/Windows-Readiness/AbsoluteBeginnersWin10

PDF: Coming Soon



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The Discussion

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    thank you for these four apps bob! lessons with consuming service is invaluable
    I have always wanted to learn web services but get often lost. I am freshmen in college and c# and windows store is the very first technologies that I learned. so absolute guide is what I needed

  • User profile image

    That was an amazing series.  Bob thanks again for another absolute beginner series.  


  • User profile image

    Many thanks Bob!

    loved this series and looking forward to see more!

  • User profile image

    Thank u so much Bob. Your are an excellent tutor I have ever seen. I would be good if u make videos for advanced version. Thanks again bob.

  • User profile image

    All 80 just great!
    Thanks 80 times.

  • User profile image

    Thank you very much for these easy understanding videos Bob. I specially liked the challenge parts. As you said "No strugle! No learning!" You should make an advanced series for UWP.

  • User profile image

    Just one thing is missing: the Closed Caption.
    I do hope it will be available soon for every video.

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    Hi....Your Material is Good ..
    I want to develop Windows Mobile App...

    in that I want to validate the text enterd in textbox or textbox should not be empty,textbox email should be in the correct format...Please provide me the guidelines.

    Thanks in Advance....

  • User profile image

    Thank you Bob.

    I watched all 80 videos and would watch 80 more if you had produced them. I never get tired of learning from you.

    I do hope there will be an advanced UWP development series from you.

    "Microsoft!", if you are reading these, please make it happen.

  • User profile image

    Hi Bob, thanks for this informative series.

    I'm am working on an App now that has 3 pages. can you hint me how to pass values from one page to another like in the ASP.NET web forms with the Session technique...thanks again :)

  • User profile image

    Another great series, I've recommended it a few times to other people interested in UWP development. Thanks Bob.

    I also second ianwgm's call for an advanced UWP series.

  • User profile image

    What is your favorite phone and why? The best phone is gonna be a debate between the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Note 5/S6 Edge+.

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    thanks bob

  • User profile image

    Thank you so much for all this work...it was put to good use.

  • User profile image

    beautiful course... thanx, bob...  want much more of your work on channel 9, for your way of presenting things are among the best on channel 9, if not the best one...  microsoft guys, give this man do more stuff for visual studio developers on channel 9...  gulped all 80 videos, worked like a charm :)  long live, bob...  

    (pardon my bad english, the first version of this post stated that I "gulped up" all of them...  :)))

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    Bob, this helped me so so much!  I am excited and working on an app idea that I will be adding to the MS store soon I hope.  Please don't ever stop making courses for us, you are truly awesome and I always look for your courses first ;) . Agree, long live Bob!!

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    Stefan Philipp

    Hi Bob !
    I really, really thank you ! One last thing, you said in this video was, that you want to encourage us. You absolutly did with this series !
    For me, as a german with really good english-skills, mostly it´s even hard
    to follow experienced programmers.
    But with your lessons, it was quiet easy !
    I never had that good lessons anywhere!

    And thanks again ! I´ll check out your other series, too !!!

    (this one goes out to all responsible people @ microsoft : "This guy rules it all !!!")

  • User profile image

    Bob, that was awesome!

    I went through all the 80 videos and (although Cortana is not supported in my country) I had a great time and learned more in 2 weeks of watching the series than in the past full year!

    You managed to keep my attention and interest throughout the entire series (which is a challenge I assure you!) and, most of all, I now understand all the covered topics. A great thank you for this!

  • User profile image


    Absolutely fantastic series! I went through all 80 lessons thoroughly enjoying each one. Looking forward to furthering my knowledge and creating some great apps!

    Many thanks to you (and Microsoft) for making this available.

  • User profile image

    Hi Bob

    I got a problem:how to download files from websites using Uwp , I would appreciate it if you can help me!

  • User profile image

    The best of tutorials I have ever seen ,thank you so much Bob Tabor

  • User profile image

    Nice job with the videos Bob.

    There were a few things overlooked in this series that should have been covered. I'm sure 80 videos is a lot more work than i realize, but another 2 videos to cover simple examples of how to store the app state (state management) and saving user data (maybe a simple db) would have been really nice.

    Other than that small issue, it was well done. Thank you.

  • User profile image

    Nice! Maybe I can go further! 毕业了能去微软就好了。

  • User profile image

    Thank you very much for what you have done for our beginners! I have seen every video of this series and learned a lot. Thanks again and hope for another advanced UWP lesson!

  • User profile image

    @BobTabor Can I buy you a case of your favorite beer?

  • User profile image

    Thank you Bob! What a nice job you have done!

  • User profile image

    @Leijae: Lol ... thanks for the offer, but I don't drink alcohol.  But I do like Starbucks.  :D

  • User profile image
    San K

    Really Really Thanks for these great tutorials.
    But I really don't believe that you don't drink :)

  • User profile image

    @BobTabor thanks for everything. Where can I find example of UWP applications connection to SQL or other database?

  • User profile image

    @BobTabor. Thank you.

    Very good classes. All very well explained...

    Thank you again.

  • User profile image

    @San K: oh, he doesn't drink. Read his non-coding blog posts and you'll see how his faith influences his lifestyle. Also, Bob or anyone else at Channel 9 who's still monitoring these comments, when I pull the files for the Stupendous Styles challenge from GitHub, all the files are corrupt. I can't open them.

  • User profile image

    Thank you Bob!

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