(Module 2) Sideloading with PowerShell

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In this module you will get an understanding on how to do certain deployment activities for modern apps with PowerShell.

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for the video Chris. It looks fairly easy to install an appx, but how do you launch it from powershell? I couldn't find a launch-appx or a file system provider for installed appx's. Without this, how does one automate the build/install/run workflow needed for continuous integration?

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    Hi Brandon,

    Sorry for the slow reply I've only just seen this. There isn't a way to launch an appx using PowerShell (actually you'll be able to find a script [metro-launch] on the web that can). Continuous integration here isn't really a problem since sideloading is a way to deploy the app for the end user. I'm not aware of any automated test tools yet for Windows 8 apps either.

    Hope that helps, ping me back if not or I can help more.


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