Windows 8 Tip 3: Using Windows File Explorer

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You may know File Explorer by it's previous name, Windows Explorer. Along with the new name are some in features. In this tip I'll walk you through some of the newer features as well as common functions that will help you increase productivity when working with the files on your Windows PC.



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The Discussion

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    As others have mentioned many times before, what is the point to add streaming video, if it is in such low quality, that screen capture is completely unreadable? I mean I know, that I can download higher quality video, but streaming is so much more convenient.

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    @Giedrius: What format/player were you watching? HTML 5 or Silverlight? And what browser? For reasons outside our control, all of those different scenarios end up getting different files and the resolution can vary. I just watched in Silverlight and the quality was great, so it would be very helpful to know what your experience was based on.

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    @Giedrius @Duncanma I was having the same problem where the text was too blurry to read while streaming (both in small and full-screen mode). Thanks to your comment Duncanma I noticed that I was using the Silverlight plugin (in firefox).  I clicked the little "format" button under the video and chose HTML5 and the stream is now much clearer and I can read the text.  Thanks Smiley

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    At 00:00:37 I don't know why I never noticed that before!  Thank you for bringing that to my attention, that is a time saver.

    There were some other useful items in there as well, but I thought this one was really neat.

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    Very helpful video, packed with tips.  Thank you.

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    Good stuff, where is the like button?

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    @Arjang: Above the video, on the right

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    Very good presentation. Wish this kind of thing had come out with Windows 8 instead of later.

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    I just wish they did not change the Create new Folder, rename folder and some other keys when they did the update.

    Also how can when you get into rename - stop windows from reverting to selecting the WHOLE name of the file while in mid rename?

    I love the in rename function then TAB to cycle thru the list of files - That was A Plus!

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    @JuanVan: I'm still getting used to that myself. It used to be Control+N but now it's Control+Shift+N. 

    When you hit F2 to rename something and you don't want the name to be selected, just hit one of the arrow keys, or home/end. 

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