Windows 8 Tips 1: Top 8 Shortcuts

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With this reinvented operating system, there are some new keyboard shortcuts and user conventions, in this series I'll walk you through some quick tips for using Windows 8. Let's start with some introductory keyboard shortcuts to help speed up using Windows 8.



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The Discussion

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    Windows + X is genius. Thank you! I'd been searching for all those things in vain.

    Don't forget about Windows + L for quickly locking your computer so no one sends out embarrassing emails from your account...

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    Yakko Warner

    Hey, mouse grab from top to bottom isn't a keyboard shortcut!  False advertising!  Tongue Out

    (Seriously, though; is there a keyboard shortcut for that?  It takes a lot more mouse movement than just clicking an 'x' in the upper right.)

    I tried these on my Windows 7 machine.  Some didn't do a thing (unsurprising), some were the same (I'm still surprised, with as many conference room projectors as we have, how many of my co-workers don't know about Win-P).  I was surprised about Win-X, though -- brings up the Windows Mobility Center for quick access to volume, wifi, power, sync, display, and presentation switches.

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    Don't really understand the appeal of the Win-X shortcut (vs. just right-clicking in the lower left corner). You have to move the mouse down near the corner anyway to actually click on one of the menu items, so you're not really saving yourself much mouse movement.

    Alt-F4 will work for closing Win8 style apps, btw.

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    @contextfree: If you are keyboard focused person though, you don't have to bring the mouse down to click on one of the items in the Win-X menu, just arrow down through them and pick one, so no mouse movement required.

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    Win + B takes you back to desktop ?


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    What happend to metro apps on different screens when using multimon, do they work in rtm? Win-pgUp/win-pgDown I think it was


    The metro multimon stuff had me the most exited about RTM, but I can't test it myself right now :/

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    Windows + X is the start menu for Windows 8 - just say that

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    @YakkoWarner: Alt-F4 still works as far as I know

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    Yakko Warner

    @contextfree: @banjomatic: Thanks, I guess I should've expected that Alt-F4 still works.  Although, from my experience, Metro apps are more pointer-centric, so I'm on the mouse rather than the keyboard.  Guess I'll just have to get in the habit of either moving to the keyboard for Alt-F4 or getting used to moving the mouse more to close.   Expressionless

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    Hi, I think the the shortcuts are great but it all seems a little too 'dos' like for me.  Trying not to be negative because Microsoft has done a great job overall.

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    Thanks for these tips folks. 

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