Windows 8 Tips 2: Getting the Most Out of Charms

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    The "shortcut" I think is most important to know for the charms is that you don't really have to "hover" in the corner and wait for them to appear before moving up/down to the one you want. It works much better if instead you "swoop around the corner" in one continuous motion. This is not only faster, but also feels nicer and is more reliable because the momentum from moving to the corner will continue and prevent you from falling out of the edge.

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    I love the Windows 8 UI but the most stupid decision MS has made regarding UI was how buried/unusual/different shutting down the PC is, by using the "Setting" charm, To me it's the only negative point about Metro, if they remedy that by BY DEFAULT put the shutdown option in a more accessable place they would have done Metro absolutely beautifully.

    BTW C'mon Charles lets get some WinRT architectural video's/Win8 videos out!.

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    It's going to be even a much more difference to W7 than W7 was to XP

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    @HeavensRevenge: Here's a tip for you that could help out. Use this guide to help you add a shutdown PowerShell script to the Windows+X menu. Put a "&" in front of the S and then when you want to shut down your computer you can just hit Win+X, S. Or you can right click in the bottom left corner and click Shutdown.

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    @LarryLarsen:Oh... My... God.... Larry... I don't want to insult you or anything but this is the most helpful you've EVER been.  

    "%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0" AND 
    "%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /r /t 0" = Beautiful

    It's absolute heresy and tragedy that Microsoft doesn't supply these two options as "Group3" and have the tools as "Group4" As such:


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    BTW in a future windows update Microsoft should enable that menu to have the small icons used for shortcuts which are used for the .lnk files Smiley Please and THANK YOU! Big Smile

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    Great explanation. I also recorded just a 5 minute video to explain how one (rather a lay person not a geek Wink ) can use Windows 8 with mouse. Just see if you like it. Windows 8 with mouse in 5 minutes

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    I am really looking forward to this version. Cant wait to buy it. 

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    good it helps a lot thx

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