Introduction to Windows Azure Worker Roles (Part 2)

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In this episode we'll continue with the Worker Role introduction. Instead of tightly coupled direct communication, we'll explore other means such as using shared storage and Windows Azure Service Bus to communicate among roles. 


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The Discussion

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    Great one.. Like it!,

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    Atif Shahzad

    Nice do you have any plan for Azure Mobile services with C# and please extend the time of lectures if possible other than awesome Big Smile .

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    I have been following your lectures regualry and they are superb.
    I have a question though:
    From some reason I was not able to send a test message to the queue from the DatabaseExplorer (VS2012. on VS2010 I guess its Server Explorer) like the presentation suggested.

    Any thoughts?


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    Anthony Wolf

    I'm not sure the directions in this video are still applicable to VS2017. Please update this content.

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    Anthony Wolf

    To get around the absence of a "Add Windows Azure Cloud Service Project" from the project's solution explorer context menu, instead in the same context menu go to "Convert" -> "Convert to Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Project". After following these steps, you should have a roughly equivalent solution setup as shown @ 2:50 in the video.


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    Anthony Wolf

    The tool shown around 8:50 for managing service bus queues through Visual Studio is not applicable to VS2017. Please update this content.

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