Windows Azure Cloud Services Concepts (Part 1)

Play Windows Azure Cloud Services Concepts (Part 1)

The Discussion

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    I am using Azure Mobile Services and logging URL selections as they are made:

    Q: if I want to get a total of clicks by particular URL would it be cheaper to

    a: Just log all clicks and take the hit on storage (& calculate totals as needed)

    b: Use a trigger to update a running total per URL

    Lets say for argument that there are 10,000 unique URLS and that generally 5% are hit more than once per day (24 hours)

    Is this a reasonable question to ask?  is there an easy way that I can answer the question myself?

    Thanks for your time! 

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    Question, Using the scale out method do the VM's automaticly start load balancing?

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    @11111111: Yes. Your customers access your services via endpoints, and traffic will be distribute across your roles in a round-robin fashion.

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