Windows Azure Cloud Services Concepts (Part 1)

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In this video we'll review some of the fundamental concepts in Windows Azure Cloud Services, including Cloud Service, roles, and scaling options, etc. And then, we'll scale out our "Hello World" service to multiple instances and publish the service to Windows Azure to see it run on the cloud!

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The Discussion

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    I am using Azure Mobile Services and logging URL selections as they are made:

    Q: if I want to get a total of clicks by particular URL would it be cheaper to

    a: Just log all clicks and take the hit on storage (& calculate totals as needed)

    b: Use a trigger to update a running total per URL

    Lets say for argument that there are 10,000 unique URLS and that generally 5% are hit more than once per day (24 hours)

    Is this a reasonable question to ask?  is there an easy way that I can answer the question myself?

    Thanks for your time! 

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    Question, Using the scale out method do the VM's automaticly start load balancing?

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    @11111111: Yes. Your customers access your services via endpoints, and traffic will be distribute across your roles in a round-robin fashion.

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