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In this video, Donna Malayeri walks through how to use the new offline features in Mobile Services. This is a companion to the tutorials Get started with offline data in Mobile Services and Handle conflicts with offline data. With this feature, mobile applications can create and modify data even when they are offline. When the app is back online, it can synchronize local changes with the Mobile Services backend. The feature also includes support for detecting conflicts when the same record is changed on both the client and the backend, allowing the developer to decide how to handle such conflicts.

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    And in case you're wondering why I keep looking off to the left, Yavor (@theyavor) and Matthew (@mattchenderson) were sitting off to the side. I've told them to sit under the camera next time. ;)

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    You can download an offline sample app here: 

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    According to the video I should be able to sync the offline data in my app with MongoDB running in Azure backend (see approx 14:00 minutes into the video): "You can use it with Table Storage, or MongoDB or a combination thereof". Is there any documentation or tutorial for how to make this happen? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    @Johan: check out this tutorial:

    Build a service that uses a non-relational data store

    You can use a non-relational data store such as MongoDB or Azure Table Storage with your mobile service. This tutorial shows how to use a MongoLab hosted MongoDB database to store your mobile app data.

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    Klaus Loeffelmann

    Great WebCast!

    Please do more in the .NET Backend area, and please don't forget at least to mention VB once in a while. There are so many legacy Business apps out there, many of them done with VB.NET, and Mobile Services is just such a perfect tool to connect the old with the new world!

    And it is so VB friendly after all! :-)

    VB MVP

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    @Klaus Loeffelmann: Excellent point! We usually demo the .NET backend in just one language for simplicity, but you're absolutely right that the .NET backend works with any .NET language (including VB, C# and F#).

    I'd love to hear your experience in modernizing your apps!  You can reply here or at


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