Windows Phone - Getting Started With Azure Mobile Services (.NET Backend)

Play Windows Phone - Getting Started With Azure Mobile Services (.NET Backend)
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In this video Yavor Georgiev demonstrates how you can create your first Windows Phone application using Azure Mobile Services. The demo includes creating your first Mobile Service, downloading the quick start Windows Phone app, running the app then exploring how the application uses the Mobile Services Client SDK to insert, update and query its data to/from the newly created Mobile Service.

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The Discussion

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    Mike Sorel

    Hi Yavor,
    Thanks for the video. I followed all your steps but I can't access the test page against the published service, it prompts me for a username and password. Any ideas?

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    Yikes, we have a documentation hole here. We wanted to protect the help page so just the developer can access it. The username is blank and the password is your application key or master key you can get from the Azure portal for your mobile service.

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