Windows Phone app - Getting Started with Data - Connecting your app to Windows Azure Mobile Services

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Windows Azure Mobile Services enables you to store data from your Windows Phone apps in the cloud within minutes.  In this video Nick Harris demonstrates how you can get started with structured storage within Mobile Services.  The demo includes taking a disconnected Windows Phone app, provisioning a Mobile Service and wiring up the app to insert, update and query its data to/from the newly created Mobile Service.

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The Discussion

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    Whenever I run the application I get an error saying "Warning 1 Field 'By30Labs.RegistrationPage.MembersInfo' is never assigned to, and will always have its default value null C:\Users\Skuehl\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\By30Labs\By30Labs\RegistrationPage.xaml.cs." Visual Studio underlines the "MembersInfo" and says that is was never assigned. I followed your instructions in the video up to the inserttodoitem and I keep getting an this error message.

    private MobileServiceCollectionView<members> MembersInfo;



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    I followed your instructions exactly. Why does the complier throw up an error after running the insert operation? Is Visual Studio 2012 not configured properly? Could your please answer my questions.

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