Windows Store app - Add Push Notifications to your apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

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Windows Azure Mobile Services provides an easy to use API for sending notifications to your Windows Store, Windows Phone 8 and iOS apps.  In this video Nick Harris demonstrates step by step how you can add Push Notifications to send Tiles, Toast and Badge updates to your app.  The demo includes:

  • Provisioning a Mobile Service
  • Registering your App with the Windows Store
  • Configuring your Windows Store app for Wide Tile and Toast notifications
  • Configuring your Mobile Service with Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) credentials
  • Requesting a Channel using the PushNotificationChannelManager API
  • Storing that Channel in your Mobile Service
  • Sending Toast, Tile and Badge Notifications as Inserts occur on your Mobile Service

Get started with 10 Mobile Services for FREE and try this scenario using the step-by-step tutorials - tutorial part 1, tutorial part 2 or samples - tile, toast, badge and raw



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