Windows Store app - Authenticate and Authorize users with Server Scripts in Windows Azure Mobile Services

Play Windows Store app - Authenticate and Authorize users with Server Scripts in Windows Azure Mobile Services
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Windows Azure Mobile Services enables authentication scenarios with popular social identity providers such as Microsoft Account, Twitter, Facebook and Google.  In this video Nick Harris demonstrates how you can:

  • Authenticate users of your Windows Store apps using their Microsoft Account
  • Restrict access to insert/update/read and delete permissions on the tables within your Mobile service to authenticated users. 
  • Add Server script to track which rows are inserted by authenticated users
  • Add Server script that authorizes users to only view data that they have inserted

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The Discussion

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    Dan Bjorge

    It's a shame that you don't go through server-side validation for update/delete operations - since they would need to validate against the *original* version of the item, which is a little bit more complex than insert and read, they probably warrant some explanation of their own.

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    Andre Steenbergen


    good point, I tried something, but I don't know if this is the best solution

    function update(item, user, request) {
    var todoTable = tables.getTable('todoitem');

    userId: user.userId,
    id :
    success: checkPermissions

    function checkPermissions(results) {
    if (results.length == 1) {
    } else {
    console.log('User %s attempted to submit an order without permissions.', user.userId);
    request.respond(statusCodes.FORBIDDEN, 'You do not have permission to update item with ID %d.',;

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