Windows Store app - Getting Started with the Windows Azure Mobile Services Scheduler

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The Windows Azure Mobile Services Scheduler allows you to run a script on a pre-set schedule or on demand. Examples of the scenarios where Scheduler is useful include:

  • Periodically purging old/duplicate data from your tables.
  • Querying and aggregating data from external web service (tweets, RSS entries, location information) and store it in your tables on a time interval.
  • Process/resize images submitted by users of your service periodically.
  • Schedule sending push notifications to your customers to ensure they arrive at the right time of the day.

In this video Nick Harris demonstrates how you can use the Windows Azure Mobile Services Scheduler to execute a script every 15 minutes that both:

  • Queries Twitter for the latest messages directed at his alias
  • Composes a Push Notification to send a Tile update with the most recent two Tweets

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