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Introduction to Windows Azure SQL Federation - Part 1

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    SQL Federation seems like such a hack to me rather than a thought out sharding implementation. for example, one of the primary reasons to use an RDBMS system over a NoSQL system is reporting. If you use Federations you essentially can no longer run reports across your entire data set, at least not through TSQL! I can envision writing something to loop through your federations and aggregating your results but what a disaster! Federation just seems like a terrible idea, unless you never need to run reports across your entire data set, which I can't think of many situations where you wouldn't need to do that?

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    Very, very good presentation and detailed demo (including why some things fail if not paying attention).  As a beginner in SQL, I understood it quite well. Good job Scott. However, as far as 'Federations', it seems like a bit of work just to get "another instance (node)" of a database.

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    Awesome video. Good presentation and demo. Grasped easily. But where is the next part ?

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