Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machine Networking

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This video introduces the concerts of Virtual Machine Networking. You will learn how to connect multiple virtual machines in the same network and the basics of configuring the load balancer. You can learn more about Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Networking from the videos listed below and through the tutorials and content on

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The Discussion

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    Hey Mike,

    I enjoyed your 2 Azure series. Nice, quick, informative & saves time reading a ton of pages. I look forward to your next instalment.


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    Olusegun Babajide

    Hi Mike,

    The 2 Azure series are very informative,most especially on the pratical side of it. Saves time.


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    when i tried to connect my vm via remote desk contorl, the password i gave did not work. i tried almost all my passwords but in vain.

    Can sommebody please tell me how to find out the password of remote desk control?

    Thanks in advance

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    Maria Aparecida Da Silva

    Vou fazer o trial com aprovações do Planejamento.Ou seja, com bons negócios aprovados das Nuvens em Minha Área de trabalho...

  • User profile image

    A very awesome tool.

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