Migrate a Database-backed Web Site (and database) to Windows Azure Web Sites

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    kinect dev

    Great video! Now, if I could make one small request, could we get a video on how to migrate an existing ASP.NET site using ASP.NET Membership? I have such a site and it fails on step one. SQL Server is not able to migrate the database because of incompatible features with Azure. I suspect the SQL Azure Migration Wizard might do a better job but it still shows some errors. It's little gotchas like these that keep me from migrating all my sites to Azure.

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    That's a great suggestion, Kinect Dev. I'll see what I can do about getting that up and running for you. I know my colleague Scott Klein (@sqlscott) was working on something related to P&M, so he may have something coming up in the SQL Server are of the Windows Azure content videos on Channel 9.

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