Migrate a Database-backed Web Site (and database) to Windows Azure Web Sites

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Many demonstrations and tutorials exist for creating a new web site hosted on Windows Azure Web Sites, but this video will walk you through the process of moving an existing site, and the site's SQL Server database, to Windows Azure. First, we'll use the SQL Server 2012 Client Tools to copy a database into Windows Azure Blob Storage. Then, the Windows Azure Portal is used to import that blob file into a new Windows Azure SQL Database. After creating a new Web Site and linking the new site to the imported database, the site is published in seconds using the Visual Studio 2012 web publishing features. If you've been wondering how you could migrate your web site to Windows Azure, this is a great place to get started.

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    kinect dev

    Great video! Now, if I could make one small request, could we get a video on how to migrate an existing ASP.NET site using ASP.NET Membership? I have such a site and it fails on step one. SQL Server is not able to migrate the database because of incompatible features with Azure. I suspect the SQL Azure Migration Wizard might do a better job but it still shows some errors. It's little gotchas like these that keep me from migrating all my sites to Azure.

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    That's a great suggestion, Kinect Dev. I'll see what I can do about getting that up and running for you. I know my colleague Scott Klein (@sqlscott) was working on something related to P&M, so he may have something coming up in the SQL Server are of the Windows Azure content videos on Channel 9.

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