Creating and Calling Simple Helper Methods - Day 1 - Part 15

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    Very nicely done - thanks :)

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    You really knows how to explain this stuff in a very efficient way. C# is easier than I thought, since we master the syntax everything is bread and butter. Thanks, Bob.

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    Nicely done...

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    I keep getting "Hello World, (0)" when I hit the button. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code (the video resolution isn't clear enough for me to tell if I am using the correct characters) :
    { textBlock1.Text = superSecretFormula("Bob"); } private string superSecretFormula(string myName) { return string.Format("Hello World, (0)!", myName); }

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    @Pairoj: It looks like you put parenthesis around your zero instead of curly brackets, which I suppose would mean the program sees the zero as nothing special. You would want your final line to be: return string.Format("Hello World, {0}!", myName);

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    Griffin Wiebel

    What's the program your using to record on screen?

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    @Griffin: I think that is Camtasia Studio.

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