Creating and Calling Simple Helper Methods - Day 1 - Part 15

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As Bob has already said several times throughout Day 1, methods are simply named blocks of code. Since methods have names, you can call them by name and their code blocks will execute. This video explains when to do this, how to create and call the method, and how to both pass values into a method and retrieve values from a method.

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The Discussion

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    Very nicely done - thanks :)

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    You really knows how to explain this stuff in a very efficient way. C# is easier than I thought, since we master the syntax everything is bread and butter. Thanks, Bob.

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    Nicely done...

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    I keep getting "Hello World, (0)" when I hit the button. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code (the video resolution isn't clear enough for me to tell if I am using the correct characters) :
    { textBlock1.Text = superSecretFormula("Bob"); } private string superSecretFormula(string myName) { return string.Format("Hello World, (0)!", myName); }

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    @Pairoj: It looks like you put parenthesis around your zero instead of curly brackets, which I suppose would mean the program sees the zero as nothing special. You would want your final line to be: return string.Format("Hello World, {0}!", myName);

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    Griffin Wiebel

    What's the program your using to record on screen?

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    @Griffin: I think that is Camtasia Studio.

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