Day 1 Homework Assignment

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Congratulations! You've learned the basics. Now it’s time to flex your newfound knowledge, borrow from the concepts you’ve learned thus far, and write a simple application. You'll save the world by allowing a mobile user to type in a special sequence of numbers every 108 minutes. If you get stuck, watch just enough of the next video to get un-stuck.

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    The Discussion

    • User profile image

      nice HW, was a good brush up of things done before....could have been little tougher though Smiley

      Thanks Bob!!

    • User profile image

      Thanks for the homework!  Should have made it a bit harder though.  Took me 2 minutes.  Probably because you are awesome at explaining everything earlier :)  Cheers.

    • User profile image

      It took me a while to complete this homework assignment because time went forward and back a few times.

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      Joseph Clover

      Here is my code, any good? :)
      namespace Hello_World{  
       public partial class MyFirstXamlPage : PhoneApplicationPage    { 
             public MyFirstXamlPage()        { 
              private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)        {
                  if (checkCode(secretCode.Text))
                      setText(outputText, "YOU SAVED THE WORLD");
                       setText(outputText, "YOU KILLED THE WORLD");      
              private Boolean checkCode(string theCode)        { 
                 if (theCode == "42 333 495 4493 293")            { 
                     return true;          
                  }            else            { 
                     return false;          
              private void setText(TextBlock textBlock, string textInput)        {
                  textBlock.Text = textInput;

    • User profile image
      Joseph Clover

      @Joseph Clover: sorry about that, formatting seemed to have failed. Here is a clean version :)

    • User profile image
      Martin N.

      Thanks Bob! Great lessons!

    • User profile image
      Brett P.

      I love the LOST reference xD

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