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Congratulations!  You're halfway through this video series. We’ve covered a lot of ground in two days and now is your chance to apply those concepts while building a real application. You'll create a user interface for a spy application that allows your users to keep track of secret agents in the field. You'll also be asked to create a custom class and set the properties of the class, then call a method on that class. If you get stuck, watch just enough of the next video to get un-stuck.

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The Discussion

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    Thank you Bob!
    You are awsome!
    I enjoy watching and learning your videos!
    Great homework assigment. Got both bonuses =]

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    Same here, thoroughly enjoying your videos. Well thought through. You really know the sweet spot between what newbies need to know to not confuse them and what they should know to take things to the next level and keep us engaged and have fun. Awesome stuff, I'm glad MS sponsored you (I would hope! :) to give this to us for free!

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    John Lovrinic

    Great series.  Reminds me of the Feymnan Lectures on Physics series, where he made learing physics fun and easy.  You are a great teacher.

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    Shahid Aziz

    BOB, your tutorials have made me learn C#, i am grateful, and if by anychance i come to states i would most definitly meet you and thank you in person,........
    Thank you once again,

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