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This video, (Part 2 in the two video sequence solving the Day 2 Homework Assignment) demonstrates the part of the homework assignment that tasked you with building a custom class including properties that you fill when a user submits the data. Also, you'll call a method on that new class to "save" the data. Again, please try to get as far as possible on your own BEFORE watching this video.

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The Discussion

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    Great solution videos bob. I got most of it done on my own except for how to get the information from the ListBox and to wipe it at the end, the rest went quite smoothly.


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    Amazing stuff Bob...thanks a lot Bob....I needed some help with the class declaration...but the UI development was straight forward...thanks to your previous videos....

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    It took me a while to complete this assigment because one of our 'Sales' guy went rogue. I had to straighten out that issue first.

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    Hey guys. If you want some help on how to scroll further on your page, here it is.

    On the main grid 
    Grid x:Name="ContentPanel"
    , add this property:
    This means that no matter how many rows you make, the screen will resize to add those rows.
    Also, you need to make the scrollviewer like Bob shown in one of his tutorials. Just change the height 
    property of the main grid to auto befor you add the scroll bar. Took me ages to figure that out :P

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    Just for the sake of discussion, as Bob said there are many ways to acheive the desired result - The differences I had to Bob's code were:

    • I used a StackPanel in the grid for the radio buttons and made the StackPanel span multiple rows
    • I didn't put the class in a separate file - Will do that next time for sure!
    • I didn't use a nullable boolean for the Undercover property. Would that break it?
    • I didn't use trim() on the text field, I added that after watching the videos!
    • On the agency buttons I didn't use else for the last option, because the user could potentially select no option, and that should set the value to nothing (empty string) - I used else for that instead
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    bob u didnt write any thing on the body of the save method??

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    Awesome videos. There were two hang-ups for me.

    1. I was tempted to use the StackPanel to name the ListBox in the UI <lol>

    2. Clearning the ListBox after we click/pressed our button.

    Bob & Clint... really this is great stuff. Anyone can learn from these videos. I 100% am sold on the lifetime subscription to!!!

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