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Got stuck with the homework assignment?  No worries, simply watch enough of this solution video to get un-stuck, OR compare your solution with Bob's version. IMPORTANT: before you peek at this video, please—for your own sake—try to complete this homework assignment on your own. You'll only learn through practice, frustration, and exploration.

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The Discussion

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    You mentioned in your instructions to catch / trap for the user clicking save, delete, edit button at the wrong time and didn't cover it is in the solution. I just went ahead and set the isEnabled for each of the buttons to prevent the user form clicking the wrong button in the first place...

    I did this with a method setIconButtons(bool edit, bool save, bool delete) and then in each icon button click I told it which icon buttons to turn on / off…

    Great lesson!





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    Marco Forte

    Hey theres actually an enumeration for Filemode called "Truncate" that will Completely wipe all data in the file without creating another.
    Love the Series Marco

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    I made a mess of mine. I did everything up to the save point. When trying to save it I was using the technique from the Tombstoning lesson, it didnt work Sad

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    Ahh, I've just finished the full thing and I did the delete function different, with fewer lines of code.

    I called the isolated storage and deleted the file, then set the textbox to "".

    3 lines of code is all it took Smiley

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    @Mintydog: Same Wink

    Oh yeah, GREAT TUTORIALS BOB Smiley

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    Also, to delete the file, couldn't you have just used - 

    private void delete_click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                string fileName = "My_Note.txt";
                IsolatedStorageFile storage = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication();
                outputBox.Text = "";
                inputBox.Text = "";
            } // Delete

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