Dissecting the First Application you Wrote - Day 1 - Part 5

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Now that you've written your first application and you're familiar with the emulator, Bob explains the C# syntax he wrote earlier on in the series. He shows the connection between the project’s.xaml files and.xaml.cs files, and provides a high-level explanation of what XAML is. By the end of this video you should have a general idea of the overall process of building an application and be able to see all the parts working together.

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The Discussion

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    Hello, and thank you for your videos!In this video (6) after the correct compilation, it appears the emulator with the settings you had done in the previous videos(light, brown), while when I do it it appears with its default settings (dark). Also, it appears with some strange numbers in the right hand side...Could you explain me why are these happening?thank you in advance

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    hi donna, those strange colorations on the right hand side of the emulator also appeared on mine.  Don't worry, after I had navigated through some screens and went back tot he start screen it dissappeared on its own.  Also, I had resized my emulator larger than 50%, so that might help you as well.

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    In mine, also, after resizing the emulator the numbers were gone.

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    The numbers are great for debugging and Performance tuning like, Framerates,Videoram,Texture,Fillrate ...

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    @Dorina: @Lancelot: those numbers are what Helper stated.  They are there for debugging and extremely helpful in more advanced applications.

    Jeff Wilcox has an awesome breakdown.  http://www.jeff.wilcox.name/2010/07/counters/

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    Ioannidis Theofilos

    Thank you a lot!

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    great videos best ive found anywhere

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    minsu Kim

    It is really great!! thank you so much :)

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    Fantastic! Thanks a lot! 

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    Also, his emulator probably reappeared in brown because he already had it open, changed the settings before, and left it open. If you leave the emulator open by click stop debugging in Visual Studio (instead of closing the emulator) it will start your application faster the next time you click start.

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    Great Videos..Excellent Walk through..Thanks a lot Smiley

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    I opened a bottle of champagne to go with this video.

    This is some great stuff.

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