Installing Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone - Day 1 - Part 2

Play Installing Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone - Day 1 - Part 2
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The Discussion

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    Lionel Inocent

    I find that this outlet is a quality way to learn how to develop code without becoming totally confused. Thanks. lionel

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    mervin fedorchuk

    if i have your phone do i still need my internet or can i use your phone to do all my work online

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    @mervin fedorchuk: there are phones that can tether, however as a primary connection device, I don't think it is the best solution.

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    Just find out that you cannot develop windows phone 7 applications with windows xp... =(

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    Roberto Mejias

    @KungFooPanda:  Hi KFP, are you absolutely certain of this? 

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    Jitendra Bothra

    I already have visual studio 2010 installed, I dont need the express edition. How can I configure to install the tools above the existing version ?

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    I've VS 2010 Ultimate. So I downloaded windows phone 7 development tools and it's automatically integrated in VS. Now the problem is when I tried to test the hello world program,it's build successfully but showing error in runtime saying "Zune software is not installed,make sure that.........."

    then I installed zune software,now it's again saying "Zune isn't launched,make sure......." what to do? how can I launch zune! and y should I need that!!!!!!!!!

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