Navigation Between MainPage and ViewEdit Pages - Day 4 - Part 10

Play Navigation Between MainPage and ViewEdit Pages - Day 4 - Part 10
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Bob wires up the navigation between the MainPage.xaml's ListBox and the ViewEdit.xaml page. In the process, we learn about the Tag property of the HyperlinkButton to store the filename of each item in the DataTemplate. Using this, a QueryString can be constructed and used to pass the file name of the desired file to the ViewEdit.xaml page.

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Download the source code in VB.Net



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The Discussion

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    "Well, I'm looking at this and I'm seeing here that I clearly have pulled this out of somewhere..." Smiley


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    razan yahoo mz32 .com

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    Good video, I like seeing your mistakes in these videos Bob, and what you do to fix them. It helps us learn too. Makes me laugh listening to you sometimes, like in the other video saying you didnt liek how people pronounced the "asmx" lol

    Good stuff.

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    Bob, I made a directory called 'Pages' for my Add.xaml and viewEdit.xaml... how do I navigate to MainPage.xaml from them? Smiley

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    Perfect! it's nice to see you Fix the bug on live! Thanks

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