Operators, Expressions and Statements - Day 1 - Part 12

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Much like human languages, programming languages have their own nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. This video explains how operators and expressions are combined to create valid, well-formed statements that can be compiled and executed by the .NET Framework Runtime.



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The Discussion

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    LOL the red boat!

    Does C# use the modulus operator %?

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    @Mintydog: yup.

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    Carsten Hansen

    The video overlay at 2:40 has only one "=" symbol. It should be "==".
    At 5:22 the overlay has the expression "if (x > y) && (a > b)". It should be "if ((x > y) && (a > b))".
    The same goes for the overlay involving logical Or at 5:33.
    Finally, the Not-equal operator != should have been mentioned in my opinion.

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