Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners

Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Emulator - Day 1 - Part 4

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Having built a simple application, Bob takes you on a tour of the Windows Phone 7 Emulator: the software that mimics the real phone's operating system so you can visualize how your application will behave once it is installed on a real phone device. He demonstrates how to re-orient the phone, using the three buttons, modifying phone emulator settings, and more.

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    The Discussion

    • Khuong Nguyen

      I use visual studio 2010 Ultimate to build the application but why is my emulator run slowly and has no graphic effect ( i mean animation when changing between pages ) like yours? Sorry for my bad English. Thanks

    • BobTabor

      @Khuong -- Hi, I recorded these using the best machine Best Buy sold, with the best graphics card and memory.  I did this because when I first tried recording, I experienced the same thing you did.  I think a lot has to do with your video graphics card.  However, that shouldn't change the overall development experience -- just with the startup and initial transitions of the emulator.  Hope that helps!

    • Clint

      @Khuong Nguyen: The emulator does leaverage DirectX 10."> has information on the requirements of the emulator.

      Could you tell me the specs of your system (RAM, processor, GPU ...)?  Are you running the emulator in a virtual environment?

    • Ajain

      I have microsoft visual studio professional verison of 2010. So how i install the mobil development version which integrates with my professional version.

      I dont want to install express visual studio.



    • aknguyen

      @Clint: I think my laptop is acceptable, not too bad, chip Intel core 2 duo T8300, 2,4Ghz; ram 2gb, graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. I didn't run the emulator in virtual machine. Do you think i can improve the graphic of emulator, please tell me, thanks.

      PS: I'm Khuong Nguyen

    • Clint

      @aknguyen: Andy Beaulieu has some good suggestions that may help.

      I'd also close any other open programs.

    • edrandom

      Thanks Bob, I like this visual approach. Minor issues, the dot on the emulator from my laptop keyboard shows ">"(shift+ .) on first input. The Num-Lk set before setting my laptop keyboard to the emulator cannot be altered. I know I cannot explain all conditions to this apearences, you will undersand that. Smiley Just to give you feedback. One more is the blurry text on the emulator on your video. I tried to spell the url to your website but could not get that clear.

    • shenn


      Thanks for the video series, they have been great.  Question, in the video where Bob was able to use the emulator internet explorer for web browsing, I wasn't able to connect to the internet from the emulator.  The error message suggested troubleshooting wireless connection.  My home wireless connection is encrypted and obviously working since I'm streaming the video over the net.  So, any suggestion on why I can't connect to web pages from within the emulator? 



    • Nikola

      when i debag my application, emulator then says "Windows Phone Emulator is doing a complete OS boot..." and then my computer restart. Every time the same. What is the problem?

    • Eddy

      I am watching this videos series on my HTC HD... I love WP7...

    • Clint
    • Clint

      @Nikola: Are you running a Server SKU with HyperV enabled?  Could you provide some basic computer hardware and OS specs for me?

    • Nikola

      I am using Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop, with one difference, i have 2.5GB ddr2 ram, with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. Thanks for reply and happy new year

    • Gaurav Sisodia

      Hi Nikola - Can you please let me know the exact processor architecture of your machine.
      Also can you please let us know if below workaround helps
      1) Close Emulator sessions and Set following registry
      [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\XDE] "EnableHWAssist"=dword:00000000
      2) Start Emulator

    • Clint

      @Nikola: you can get the processor from going to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System

      You'll see one of the items be "Processor", Doing what Gaurav Sisodia should provide a fix

    • zip_flop

      Hey guys! Excellent series. I found it while searching for some tutorials on XNA development. I was wondering if there was a video series like this (preferably from you guys) that focused on Live Arcade or Games for Windows development? I can find tutorials for days out there, but none really nail the "absolute beginners" aspect like this does. Thanks!

    • SkawMaster

      Hi all!
      First i have to congratulate you about your videos, they are great! ^^
      My problem is that i install the "Windows phone tools" like video one but when i create my first aplication when i click the button to say "Hello world" my windows phone emulator says "windows phone emulator is doing a complete os boot" and then, after some minutes, the visual studio 10 says that there was a "timed out", it seems that it waits for emulator but not response from there was adquired... :(.
      Im working on Asus Eee pc 1215N (Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz + ION2, 3GB DDR3 Ram, 250GB HDD and Windows 7 Professional 64 bits).
      It can be use the intel graphics media accelerator 3150 or NVidia ion2 graphic card. I have configured as default Ion2 becouse i have read the WDDM dependences and the same problem happens.
      I have updated drivers for intel and NVidia ION but i can't run the windows phone emulator to use it for develpement.
      Any help?
      Too much thanks :D
      Regards from Spain! ^^

    • kumbi Tserai

      Hi any way I can download these videos all at once?

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