The if Decision Statement - Day 1 - Part 11

Play The if Decision Statement - Day 1 - Part 11

The Discussion

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    Nice tutorial, thank you!

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    Good tutorials. Remind me though never to go on your gameshow haha

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    I'm Android App engineer.
    Good tutorials. thank you^^.
    I think Windows Phone Application (silverLight) is more easier then Android Application.
    And IDE tools also more powerful ( eclipse is very slow......)
    I'm Korean. So I don't have real Windows Phone.
    In Korea, WP will sold next year ㅠㅠ..

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    That's great! I'm learning a lot. I'm Mexican and I try to make videogames for WP7. This tutorial es good for learning,

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    Eddy Frometa

    This are really good tutorials. I used to code with Visual Basic 6. I was good with the syntax in vb6. These are my first lessons with C# and it's very easy to learn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge ...

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    Excellent tutorials.
    The "If" tutorial does not explain why I can't just use multiple "if" statements instead of the "else if" option. I wrote the example using multiple "if" instead of "else if" and it still works.

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    @Awake: If you do not include the else, then each of the if statements will be evaluated.

    If you do include the else, then if one of the if statements evaluates to true then the following else if statements do not need to be evaluated and the code will continue running after the block of else if statements (meaning less processing needs to occur).

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Hi, i´ve been having this problem, when i want to 'double-click' a tool (like textBox, Button, etc) sometimes it takes me to the xml.cs so i can write the code, and sometimes nothing happens so i can continue. Why is that?

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    Yaya Jallow

    thanks microsoft for these wonderful videos, i'm release my first phone app onto Windows Phone 7 just becuase this

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