The switch Decision Statement - Day 1 - Part 13

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Picking back up on the notion of adding logic to your code, we look at a second decision statement—the switch—and compare its usefulness to the “if” statement we previously looked at.

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The Discussion

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    This might not be HUGELY important but your code has an error (in the video and the download).  When you introduced the String.Format you should only have car, boat, cat or "... Sorry we didn't understand your response.  You lose" in your message statement.

    ** Easy fix for someone who is familiar with programming language but to a newbie they might get a wee bit lost.  As the output is not what is expected or originally intended by the programmer.

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    @Nique26: the correct solution would be to replace

    myTextBlock.Text = String.Format("You won a {0}!", message);


    myTextBlock.Text = message;

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    Or, just change message = "You won a new car!";


    message = "new car";

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    Nope, the code on the video works, is the download that have some bug in it.

    If you copy paste the entire code on a new proyect (and name the textBlock and textBox just like the names on the video) the code works.

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