Understanding the XAML Syntax - Day 2 - Part 9

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XAML is a language that allows you to declare new instances of classes and set their properties using an XAML (tag-like) syntax. While it has utility beyond Silverlight applications, XAML is used by Silverlight to define objects and properties that are displayed on screen. This video examines the default XAML that is created by adding a new project or Silverlight file. Additionally, it covers the XAML that is automatically created by dragging and dropping instances of Silverlight controls from the Toolbox to the XAML designer surface.

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The Discussion

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    Can you point me in the direction of a similar series for Express Blend?

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    @Deno: we really don't have beginner series for blend itself, there are lots of good tutorials out there however.  Are there key topics you're looking for help on?

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    I was looking for something geared toward the phone design/layout/transition/navigation aspect more like a getting started with Expression Blend for WinPhone7. I watched a few of the videos at https://expression.microsoft.com/en-us/cc197141.aspx and they are alright but the only item on Phone7 is a “read all about it” which talks about the Icons. The Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners is really what I was looking for/wanting for Expression Blend. Is there a better place that you know of?

    Bob did a great job, maybe someone can take the finished application (from day 4) and customize it with Expression Blend and make some nice design/transition to show how to extend the basic framework into a finished fully feature application. This could show how the designer & developer integration works and how the whole process can be completed with both VS and EB – just an idea.

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