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Where To Go From Here

6 minutes, 56 seconds


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In this final video, Bob shows you some of the resources that most helped him as he got started learning about the Windows Phone 7. Additionally, he provides a general road map for further exploration of the C# programming language, the .NET Framework, Silverlight, and more.

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  • John MarshallJohn Marshall

    Is day4part19_2MB_ch9.wmv missing?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @John Marshall: that part isn't quiet ready yet.  Smiley

  • John MarshallJohn Marshall

    Thanks for the update. Though some of the sessions are basic, it is refreshing to review the material and the way the sessions are broken down and labelled makes it very easy to skip.

  • @John Marshall:yep thks for such a gr8 work just only been upto day 2 but im really happy byt the simple work u have done !

  • @Clint:it will be gr8 if u can rename the video files wth Topics ( append wth day4part3) Smiley

    coz i am downloading all video in my HDD n wann review later but the file name only has day n part not the TOPICS Smiley


    Really Good job.. and thanks for the videos.
    I am agree with clint for the file name issue.

  • CohomanCohoman

    Absolutely excellent videos! Bob Tabor, you're a great presenter and I thoroughly enjoyed going through this video series. I'm not a beginner at programming, but I am beginner with C#, Silverlight, and WP7 programming, and these videos gave me a good jumpstart and the confidence to begin creating WP7 apps.
    I will certainly sign up for taking your other classes on your web site, as I'm sure they will be just as useful for me!
    Thanks again.

  • Rune HansenRune Hansen

    Hi I would really like to know how I can make Windows Phone 7 play with an ASP.NET MVC website. I would suggest that some MS person or a geek would give us some examples of how to write an WP7 application or WP7 web client that interact with an ASP.NET MVC website.
    Could you write some WP7 stuff that plays with these popular and well known ASP.NET MVC tutorial websites (Nerddinner and TheBeerHouse):
    I have found a link for a guy who has already started this work:
    I am very interested if anybody has further references about these matters: How WP7 can interact with an ASP.NET MVC website, so please let us know if you know anything!
    Thank you!

  • DennisDennis

    @Clint: Any idea when day 4 part 19 will be ready?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Rune Hansen: If you watch my teched talk on the robot cannon we did at mix, you can get a basic concept of how to interact directly with a web site / web service.


  • DennisDennis

    So are you saying the video you linked to is instead of day 4 part 19?  If so, that's cool; just want to make sure I understand.

  • AlonsoAlonso

    I went to learnvisualstudio.net and did a search on windows phone 7 and found nothing.Are there aditional videos on windows phone 7.I think the examples are great and the price is just right for a years memebership.

  • Sevsend2sev The Beast

    Been with Bob since 2006! Keep up the good work guys.

  • I loved your work.  Thank you!

  • komjkomj

    We need Day4 Part19 video.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Great job! Thanks a lot. These videos have been really helpfull.

  • Mr. Tabor.

    I really enjoy this series of tutorials. I find it as one of the most professional tutorials on the net available today. I even consider to join LearnVisualStudio.NET.

    I know this is not really the best place to ask, but I hope for a short help.

    I did go throu the whole tutorial, and did myself the application aswell. All went great.

    The problem, I have, is that if i change the "layout" of the main page to panorama, somehow the ViewEdit page stops working.

    I get the  path must be a valid file name error on the

    using (var file = appStorage.OpenFile(fileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create))

    line. Same as i try to delete a file.

    What is interesting, in the panorama "setup" is that i get the files to be saved and even i can see them as on the pivot "setup". But as I click or select one of them I get to the ViewEdit page, but no data is updated. 

    I think there is some sort of problem or difference (pivot, panorama) in the line:

    fileName = NavigationContext.QueryString ["id"];

    If you have a short time, please consider to have a look at my problem.


    Thank you very much, and I wish you the best, and more successful videos like this.


    Best regards, Andrew.

  • Hello Bob,

    Let me also add my sincere thanks for this series.  I am a retired IT guy from way back and have developed a major memory leak in my idle days, and so it was good to refresh some of the skills from a while back and layer on some new ones.  And this stuff is addictive as well as a lot of fun.

    Thanks again.






  • TomJTomJ

    Great series.Learn loads. Is Day 49 going to be published?

  • Thank you very much for a great series. I learnt alot from you, more than I have done so in the past month. I would love to see a new series by you soon!.

  • TarekTarek

    Thanks Bob that was pretty helpful , and AWESOME ,,
    Best regards from Egypt

  • Thank you, Bob!!!

    Great job. I love the tutorials - really helpful and makes it easy! I've managed to go to the very end - it took me some time, but it was really great experience. I really enjoyed learning. I'd like to see homework more often, though... But, anyhow

    THANK YOU!!!

    (from Colorado)


    Thanks a lot for the great series, Bob.

  • Thank you very much. Excellent tutorial.

  • komjkomj

    What about day 4, part 19 now?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Cheers bob, great series of videos and I feel I've got a solid foundation now from which to start developing or learning more.

  • Madhu KMadhu K

    Fantastic videos.  Thanks for sharing!!!!
    I have a question - In one of the tutorials (not in this series) i read that the phone simulator is not identical to the phone itself and that it may be a little more powerful.
    Is there a way to simulate different phone configurations in the phone simulator?  Or am asking a dumb question. :-)

  • Andres HuertaAndres Huerta

    Really great job guys...the videos really helped a lot and the way they are presented is just great!!! thank you guys so much for this tutorials and also thank you for taking time to teach us hungry masses, hehehe..once again Kudos!!

  • Andres HuertaAndres Huerta

    @Clint: Hey Clint, ive been looking all over the web of how to change the WP7 keyboard, like for example make it appear in the language i determine, instead of clicking on the EN,FR,GR,S button to change the layout of it...is it even possible, been reading some forum and blogs but so far no luck...thanks for your time in advance!

  • Thanks for the series.  I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  • benben

    when will day4part19_2MB_ch9.wmv be reaDY for download?

  • I think there's no day 4 part 19. Comparing the series to the one on www.learnvisualstudio.net the only difference is the last video. On that site it is called "Day 4 Wrap Up, Next Tasks" (2m,43s); on Ch9 it is called "Where to go from here" (6m,56s).
    All other 63 video's are the same. So you can safely say the series is complete. The numbering of the last video on Ch9 is misleading.

  • keilkeil

    Great Video's!

    This is all C# and XAML(Design)..but why it is named Silverlight applications for the Windows Phone 7?

  • OverlordOverlord

    Thanks for this great video series.

    Bob you are a great teacher, I even joined your site with a lifetime account even if I can't make much use of it (at least for now).

  • when will day4part19_2MB_ch9.wmv be reaDY for download?

  • Thank you Bob this series is awesome.

  • Poleon QiongPoleon Qiong

    It's use for people that like us,but there are some question in the day4!

  • Edward McMahonEdward McMahon

    Thanks Bob, these videos were just awesome, really helped me into windows phone development! thanks again! ^^

  • Hi Bob,

    A really good taster for windows 7 phone development.

    Now need to create my own cool app that can be uploaded to the Market Place!

    Wayne Russell


  • Timo KinnunenTimo Kinnunen

    Thank You. Very good. My experience in xaml was at beginner's level and now I can go forward.

  • BaluBalu

    Great Job. The series is very helpful. I can now confidently move forward. Thanks a lot.

  • RamyaPoornaRamyaPoorna

    Wonderful videos Bob.This made a great begining for me.Thank you so much.

  • RamyaPoornaRamyaPoorna

    Wonderful videos Bob.This made a great begining for me.Thank you so much.

  • CraigyDCraigyD

    Thanks a lot Bob, this series has been perfect to get my head into WP7 app development! Any chance of more WP7 specific tutorials on LearnVisualStudio.net ? It's my main topic at the moment and would totally signup if there were!

  • MohsinMohsin


    Check out my app on windows phone 7 at the marketplace

  • GabriallaGabrialla

    BOB, Excellent work done by you. Thank you so much.

  • nareshnaresh

    Mai i know how to call a java web service directly in wp7?
    Please reply me asap ?
    Thanks in Advance

  • TrivenTriven

    Hi Bob

    Awesome work on this series , hope we'll get more of such stuff...:)

  • Eric VisserEric Visser

    Hi Bob,
    thank you for the effort you put into producing these really great videos. It was a good way of starting the travel to my 1st WP7 application.
    Thanks, -Eric

  • Manuel Rodriguez GomezManuel Rodriguez Gomez

    From Spain.
    My english is not so good, but the way you speak and explain is awesome.
    I really understood the whole course and enjoyed it-

    Thank you very much

  • sunil kumar manosunil kumar mano

    Fantastic walkthrough! Worth learning windows phone 7 app development by watching.Im looking the same kind of a series for windows 8 metro style app development also..

  • HemanthHemanth

    BOB TABOR is simply awesome!! Thanks for the tutorials..

  • LuisLuis


    Thank you so much for the windows phone trip. It was awesome.


  • ShaivalShaival

    Really nice videos ,great effort by Sir Bob, have proved to be very helpful for me :).

  • ShubhamShubham

    i need day 4 part 19 video.
    This is the last video that actually helps to finalize your app for submission process.
    I want to know every bit of information about submission and do want to ruin my hard work just because i miss the last video
    plz post the link to last video

  • hoang thanh tunghoang thanh tung

    One of the most useful series I've watched. When will the series about Windows Phone 8 be available?

  • Todd HuangTodd Huang

    Wow, never experienced such detail and easy to understand tutorials. The videos are something I would really want to pay for.

  • varadhivaradhi

    Hi Tabor,
    I really enjoyed with your tutorials.
    Thanks for videos.
    I want to extend my knowledge to advanced development.
    So please share the suggestions.

  • snehalsnehal

    From India
    Thank you soooooooo much. it was one of the most useful series i ever had.
    It really so valuable for me.

  • snehalsnehal

    how to add database in windows phone app?
    i want to connect an datatable in grid column.

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