Working with Collections - Day 2 - Part 6

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You will often need to work with groups of instances of classes and this video explains how to use one collection—the List<T>—to keep references to multiple instances of a given class. Bob demonstrates how to add instances of objects to a collection and how to iterate through each instance inside the collection using the “for each” statement, a variation on the “for iteration” statement we learned about on Day 1.

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The Discussion

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    So would you say a List is similar to an array? Looks pretty similar, and I like the foreach loop.

    Cheers Bob

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    Arrays do exist in C#, but I like Lists much better. With lists, you don't have to define a maximum size, and are generally much easier to work with. 

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    @Mintydog: Lists allow you to do a bit more complex operations like inserting, removing, ...

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