Working with Resources and Styles - Day 3 - Part 2

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In this video, Bob explains how to define reusable definitions for brushes (color, gradients, and images) throughout either a single page or the entire site, as well as how to combine collections of name / value pairs for a given control in order to give your application a consistent look and feel.

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The Discussion

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    Everything works right up to running the app at the very end (with the style in the App.xaml page). At this point the app begins but then throws up "XAMLParseException occurred". It says that the static resource I created (JonnosStyle) is out of range. Any idea why this is?

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    Good video. Nice way to keep the colour scheme of your programs consistant.

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    Very Nice approach. Thank you very much.

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    @Jonno:In the current release theme resources are not stored under App.xaml.

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    After changing the background and accent color, the page arrow "disappears". It's color does not change with the change of the background color and therefore it "disappears". How do you manage the color of the page arrow so that it does not "disappear" when the background color is chaged from dark to light?

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    Fantastic! Thanks

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