Working with the Application Bar - Day 3 - Part 4

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The application bar allows each page in your Silverlight Phone application to display up to four icons along the bottom, and this group of icons can be expanded to display a list of menu commands. This video demonstrates how to uncomment out the Application Bar template on a new Silverlight Phone page, how to add / remove and set the properties of buttons and menu commands, and how to respond to click events for each of those items.

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Download the source code in VB.Net



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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the tip with the menu bar image to be set to Content - it may have taken you an hour; I would have probably never figured that one out :)  Quirky stuff!

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    You added icons when the phone is in a dark theme. How can you mke the icons addapt to the theme the user selects?

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    @Roberto: always use white icons for the App bar.  It automagically will adapt them to the new theme.

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    Short and sweet, I like it.

    You said you can have a max of 4 menu bar items, could you select one of the tasks from the scroll bar to change those 4 menu items into 4 new ones with new functions?

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